The Center for Global Education and Research (the Global Center) was established in February 2018. Its objective is to produce the human resources that can serve demands arising in the globalizing societies, enhancing our function as a teacher training institution through collaboration with educational and research institutions in Japan and overseas.
We offer our services through the following five departments: “International Collaboration”, “Global Education”, “International Students Education”, “Language Education”, and “Research and Development”.

Our Staff

At the Global Center, three full-time and twenty-one part-time teaching staff work under the director of the Center.
They work hard to assist the international students; give guidance on the classes about Japanese language and society as well as advice about life in Japan; and set up office hours so that international students can consult them at any time. They exert every effort to make the university “friendly and attractive to international students.”


Professor HAKOZAKI Yuko

Deputy Director

Professor HASEGAWA Yuri

  • Manager: Professor NAKAYAMA Aoi
  • Professor SHIRAI Toshiaki (School education)
  • Professor BAE Woong Kwang (Elementary School Education)
  • Special Appointed Lecturer INOUE Takehiko (Social Studies Education)
  • Professor JOCHI Shigeru (Global Education)
  • Associate Professor GOTO Kensuke (Health and Safety Science)
  • Professor KONISHI Hiroyuki (Science, Mathematics and Information)
  • Associate Professor DENO Fumiri (Art Education)
  • Manager: Associate Professor HASHIMOTO Kenichi
  • Professor KOBAYASHI Kazumi (Social Studies Education)
  • Special Appointed Lecturer POOL Justin Parker (English Education)
  • Special Appointed Professor INOUE Shozo (Social Studies Education)
  • Professor AKAKI Toyo (Global Education)
  • Associate Professor INOUE Naoko (Global Education)
  • Associate Professor NAKANO Tomohiro (Global Education)
  • Associate Professor GINSBURG Jason Robert (Global Education)
  • Professor HASEGAWA Yuri (Global Education)
  • Professor JOCHI Shigeru (Global Education)
  • Professor NAKAYAMA Aoi (Global Education)
  • Special Appointed Assistant professor MORI Kanetaka (Science, Mathematics and Information)
  • Manager and Deputy Director of the Global Center: Professor HASEGAWA Yuri
  • Professor MIZUNO Haruhisa (Advanced Professional Development in Education)
  • Professor ADACHI Tomoko (Educational Psychology Sciences)
  • Associate Professor SAKURAZAWA Makoto (Social Studies Education)
  • Professor INOUE Hirofumi (Japanese Language Education)
  • Associate Professor KUSHIBIKI Yukiko (Global Education)
  • Professor ISHIBASHI Noritoshi (Global Education)
  • Special Appointed Lecturer YONEZAWA Chiaki (Global Education)
  • Professor USUDA Tomoko (Health and Safety Sciences)
  • Manager: Professor MATSUMOTO Masumi
  • Professor KASHIWAGI Kazuko (Advanced Professional Development in Education)
  • Associate Professor IKUMA Yuko (Elementary School Teacher Program)
  • Professor IEKI Yasuhiro (Elementary School Teacher Program)
  • Associate Professor HASHIMOTO Kenichi (English Education)
  • Special Appointed Lecturer POOL Justin Parker (English Education)
  • Associate Professor BROWN Robert Sanborn (Global Education)
  • Special Appointed Lecturer NAGATA Shoko (Global Education)
  • Manager and the Director of the Global Center: TAKAHASHI Noboru (School Education)
  • Associate Professor MA Xiaohua (School Education)
  • Professor ASHINO Ryuichi (Science, Mathematics and Information)
  • Professor NAKAYA Fumio (Science, Mathematics and Information)
International Office (Academic Collaboration Section)

The Global Center has an International Office that serves the administrative office to facilitate the center’s activities. Eight staff, working in the International Office, devote themselves to provide an environment so that our international students in Japan and our students in overseas can study safely, and lead satisfying and fulfilling student lives.