How many international students are there at OKU?
To check the number of students enrolled at our university, click here.
To check the number of international students enrolled at our university, click here.
Our university has exchange student agreements with universities overseas, and we actively participate with our partner institutions, exchanging students continually.
When does the program for international students start?
For degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students, the admission process starts in April. For research students, April and October. For visiting students (exchange students), also April and October.
Q3 How do I apply?
If you seek a degree at our university, you must pass an entrance examination.
The entrance examination for undergraduates is held in January every year (entrance examination for privately-financed international students).
* Privately-financed international students: international students who are neither under the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program nor exchange-student programs.
The entrance examination for master’s degree applicants is held in September. If a vacancy is created, a second examination is held in January.
As a written test and an oral interview are conducted in Japanese, applicants should have a sufficient level of Japanese proficiency.
In order to participate in the entrance examination for students seeking undergraduate admission, the applicants must take the examination, “Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)”, conducted by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), prior to application.
Depending on which major an applicant hopes to study, the applicant may have to take the TOEFL test; please check the application guidebook.
What is the minimum required score on the “Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)?
In order to apply for our university’s entrance examination, your total score for Japanese language must be 210 or higher.
Concerning the EJU examination subjects, the applicants are required to take either “Liberal Arts” or “Natural Sciences”.
For examination subjects for the various major subjects, please check our application guidebook.
Q5 How much is the tuition?
Q6Does the university offer any financial support?
We a have a waiver program for admission and tuition fees. Please check the page of “Admission and Tuition Fees, Scholarships, Admission and Tuition Fee Waivers”.
We also have the scholarship program offered by the OKU Association of International Student Supporters. The applicants must be privately-financed international students only (students under the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship Program and exchange students cannot apply).
Do you have a student dormitory?
For international students, we offer 109 rooms in total; the dormitory on the Kashiwara Campus has 40 one-room studios, and two other dormitories in our neighboring district (Yao City) have 69 apartments for room sharing.
If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available rooms, dormitory access will be chosen by lottery.
In principle, the duration of stay will be one year.
For details, please check the page of “Accommodations and Living Expenses”.

Are there special programs for international students?
Students enrolled at our partner institutions that have exchange-student agreements with us can study at our university for one year or one semester (6 months) as exchange students.

Q9Do you have a Japanese Language course?
  • We do not have a short-term intensive course of the Japanese Language. We do offer programs to degree-seeking undergraduate students, Japanese Studies Students, exchange students, and Teacher Training Students to improve their Japanese-language proficiency.
    For Teacher Training Students, we additionally offer supplementary programs and lessons.
Q10May I work part-time?
If you obtain a “conditional permit” from the Ministry of Justice, you may work for up to but not exceeding 28 hours in total per week. However, you should minimize your time spent working part-time so that your part-time job does not affect your studies, which is the main purpose of your being here.
Q11Would you send me your application guidebook?