Academic Advisors

Academic advisors provide guidance and advice on study, educational advancement, career paths, and personal issues.
An international student studies or conducts research, following the guidance and advice of his or her academic advisor.


We also have a “tutor system” for our international students, in which a Japanese student is assigned to tutor an international student; the tutor helps the international student, giving special extra-curricular guidance as well as daily life advice. Tutors play an important role for international students, who are new to Japan and our university and graduate school; they will be good seniors and friends to whom international students can consult about various matters.
We strongly suggest international students try the “tutor system” for them to facilitate their interactions and communication with Japanese students.
Tutors are chosen by us, based on recommendations from the academic advisors. The duration of the tutors’ serving periods for international students is generally as follows:

  • For undergraduate students: for two years after admission
  • For graduate students: for one year after admission
  • For research students: for one year after admission
  • For Teacher Training Students and visiting students (exchange students): for one year.