Osaka Kyoiku University Overview

Osaka Kyoiku University (OKU) was initially founded as a teacher training school in May 1874. Over 140 years since, it has been serving as one of the foremost universities of education in Japan.
OKU now has two campuses in Osaka, the main campus in Kashiwara City (Kashiwara Campus) and Tennoji Campus in Osaka City. The 670,000-square-meter main campus located in Kongo Ikoma Kisen Quasi-National Park, 20km of the center of Osaka City, has been producing outstanding human resources through education in teacher training and liberal arts. OKU also has 11 affiliated schools in three regions: Tennoji and Hirano in Osaka City, and Ikeda City in Osaka Prefecture, offering primary, secondary, and special needs education.


4-698-1 Asahigaoka, Kashiwara, Osaka 582-8582, Japan Tel. (072) 976-3211

Get off at “Osaka Kyoiku Daigaku Mae” of Kintetsu Osaka Line, a 15-minute walk.

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